Love it or hate it, conference calling is here to stay. Provide your teams with a high-level audio-conferencing device that delivers crystal clear sound and expandable capabilities to maximize the impact of every conversation in the office or on the go.

"Exceptional Audio Quality for Every Meeting."


Avaya IX Conference Phone B199

Avaya IX B199

Uses presence-sensing and beam-forming technology to maximize the midsize or large conference room audio experience.

Avaya IX Conference Phone B189

Avaya IX B189

Delivers HD quality audio and productivity-enhancing communications features to midsize and large conference rooms.

Avaya IX Conference Phone B179

Avaya IX B179

Extend room coverage with a PA interface, expansion microphones and/or wireless headsets. Adjust your conferencing environment based on changing needs.

Avaya IX Conference Phone B169

Avaya IX B169

A full-featured wireless conference phone for seamless communication anywhere in the office (no wired connection or power outlets needed).

Avaya IX Conference Phone B159

Avaya IX B159

A powerful, versatile device for large conference rooms to drive productivity and efficiency.

Avaya IX Conference Phone B149

Avaya IX B149

Provides crystal clear sound and easy-to-use audio conferencing for small-to-midsize offices and conference rooms.

Avaya IX Conference Phone B109

Avaya IX B109

A compact and portable speakerphone for easy conferencing anywhere, anytime.


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