Maintain existing investments while harnessing the power of rich, seamless, enterprise-class video conferencing for any size of business. Prevent network strain and additional costs with a smart design for minimum bandwidth usage.

"Maximum Video Quality, Minimum Bandwidth Usage"

Video Systems

Avaya IX Room System XT7100

Avaya IX XT7100

Our flagship offering in the XT series of video conferencing room systems, the XT7100 delivers the outstanding performance and extreme efficiency your business depends on. It’s the all-in-one, easy-to-use conferencing solution built to maximize every moment of every meeting so your business can accomplish more.

Avaya IX Room System XT5000

Avaya IX XT5000

Experience exceptional video, audio, and data quality. The XT5000 is built to turn any conference room into a high powered, versatile area for collaboration, productivity, and engaging communication. With an elegant design and an intuitive interface, it’s ready to enhance every conference call.

Avaya IX Room System XT4300

Avaya IX XT4300

The cost-effective, full HD video collaboration solution you’ve been waiting for. The Avaya XT 4300 delivers efficient, high quality performance with intuitive functionality to increase productivity in any conference room. Plus, compatibility with Apple and Microsoft applications and devices affords even more flexibility.

Avaya IX XT Telepresence

Avaya IX XT Telepresence

Turn your conference room into a video meeting zone. This highly flexible solution is customizable to individual rooms and company needs. HD video, stereo audio, and fast data sharing deliver that “in the room” experience.

Avaya IX Tracking Camera TC220

Avaya IX TC220

Smart solution for large meeting rooms, directing the meeting in an intelligent way by focusing on an active speaker. With the combination of audio tracking and face recognition, it properly identifies the active speaker (or speakers) position, and the dual cameras handle the transition from one view to the other fluidly.

Avaya IX Executive XTE240

Avaya IX Executive XTE240

Video calls have never been easier or more thrilling. With HD 1080p resolution, sharing content and interacting through video is a rich, seamless experience. And with features like embedded multi-party conferencing, this all-in-one device is ready to meet the various daily demands you throw at it.


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