Providing outstanding customer service for a rewarding guest experience is critical for the survival of a hotel or resort and is a key metric and one reason for the abundance of "frequent stay" programs. Hospitality companies with the highest guest loyalty levels are often the most successful.

But managing multiple locations, handling specific guest requirements, and coordinating a highly dynamic workforce are not easy tasks. Communications-both on-property and between properties-play a major role in determining the operational efficiencies and guest satisfaction levels that successful companies expect. Audio and video collaboration solutions turn the challenges facing today's successful hospitality companies into key opportunities.

Remote Concierge Services:

In today’s hospitality industry, it is the companies with the most personal customer-service programs that often achieve the highest market share. Collaboration solutions - including interactive kiosks - help bring guest services and support, and remote product expertise, closer to the consumer. Hospitality companies can use them for communications within and between facilities, including concierge services and reservations. They can also use them for multilingual support, technical support, and for answering frequently asked questions.

Supply Chain Management:

Increased profitability is often a result of better inventory management, as well as more accurate forecasting of supply and demand. Real-time collaboration solutions enable hospitality companies to forecast better and to perform inventory checks and balances in a timelier manner. They also help hospitality companies to more accurately track shipping statuses and orders, and to undertake the appropriate procurement. The benefits? Faster response to the market and to guest demands.


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