"Premium Solution for your Guest."

Bring your TVs to life!:

Hoist Group’s interactive TV solution provides all the entertainment options you would expect from a modern TV system; from free or paid live channels to video on demand, music streams and apps. It is easy to deploy in all network environments (wired or wireless) and with a large variety of devices, be it connected TVs or set top boxes. But Hoist Group’s interactive TV solution has much more to offer than that.

Your TVs as a marketing tool:

The guest room TV is an important digital touch point with your guests. Through our centralised Content Management System, you can conveniently design and edit targeted guest communications - at local, or brand level. The guest experience can also be tailored to suit your hotel’s profile with your logo, visual elements and graphics. Your TVs become a strong way to promote your services and your brand.

Let your guests enjoy their own content like at home:

Most of us can´t live without our phones, tablets or computers and when we travel, these devices are often the first things we make sure to bring. Our Bring Your Own Device (or BYOD) solutions enable guests to seamlessly cast and share their personal media content from their own smart accessory (phones, tablets or computer) to the in-room TV, allowing them to enjoy music, photos and online videos on a larger screen and with better sound quality. Just like home.

Monitoring and insights for a better guest experience:

Thanks to the two-way interactivity of our solution, we can remotely monitor and manage the TV infrastructure per hotel, including the network and all connected TV sets in your guest rooms. This translates into smooth operations and peace of mind.

Moreover, Fusion Connected TV allows you to collect valuable insights into your guests’ media consumption and product preferences; insights that can be used to create an even more personalised service delivery when your guest returns.

Centrally managed, consistently delivered:

Hoist Group’s interactive TV solution will not only delight hotel managers and their guests. It also serves hotel chains by offering them a unified technology platform and content management system (CMS) through which all guest communication can be effectively targeted, consistently branded and centrally managed.


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