Alcatel DeskPhones



Cost-effective entry-level desk phones with high-quality audio. With their modern business-grade design, our range of deskphones offers high-quality telephony with simple and elegant interactions. Available with models to suit all needs and budgets, so your entire organization can stay connected and communicating.


- Make voice calls, access premium telephony, advanced telephony with easy access to the internal employee directory.

- Guarantee communications with always-on connectivity.


- Grayscale screen

- Power Over Ethernet Class 1 for low power consumption (8008, 8018)

- Can be customized for use in different industries

- Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af)

- USB connector (8001, 8001G, 8018)

- Backlight screen (8001, 8001G, 8018)

- Prog keys (4019/18, 8008, 8018)

- Wideband (8001, 8001G, 8008, 8018)

- IPsec VPN (8008, 8018


Right Click

No right click