Triple play application allows telco operator or service provider delivers data, voice and video services over one physical medium to many their residential base, as the networks already have sufficient bandwidth to carry. With the booing trend of IP packetized integration, Voice service can be provided using IP telephony technology which became the major technology stream to co-exist with PSTN, television content is delivered using IPTV which will replace the CATV gradually due to the mandatory requirement of high definition from Digital TV standards. Finally, the data, voice and video services will be converged to IP traffic to be transported on an IP based network. Given the convenience and luxury of these services that bind together, operators will find their subscriber become less likely to churn and thus increasing ARPU value.

Under this concept, triple play was proposed during the development track of FTTH application which uses fiber communication to reach subscriber’s home, particularly common in green field developments where the capital expenditure is reduced by deploying one network to deliver all services.

Based on these technology convergences, we roll out an advanced triple play CPE family which designed to enable triple play services at the speed of light. These versatile triple play CPE supports a variety of data distribution standards, with the built-in numerous Ethernet ports, FXS interface, CATV RF connector or USB for dongle Wi-Fi connection to allow end-user to enjoy high speed Internet access, utilize VoIP service and watch video content on demand through on single device.


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