Servitor has specially-designed functions to support housekeepers, cleaning staff, receptionists and management as they perform their work.

Housekeepers and cleaning staff receive a detailed list showing their assigned rooms and any other assignments.

- An overview of the current status of cleaning at the hotel.

- A personalized list showing assigned rooms and tasks.

- Create and delegate emergency tasks and receive a confirmation that they have been completed.

- Minimize the manual work of handwriting notes and the number of internal calls made.

Reception receives an overview of on-going cleaning and fault-clearance tasks.

- As soon as cleaning staff report a room as completed, its status is updated in the reservation system in real time.

- Create simple fault reports or assignment specifications for other departments.

- Send messages to all staff, regardless of where they are.

The property department receives an overview of all its current tasks and their priority status.

- All tasks are gathered in the same place.

- Seven-day overview of upcoming tasks.

- Schedule recurring tasks.

Management personnel can follow developments at the hotel during the day, no matter where they are.

- Access to reports and statistics that help optimize use of the hotel's resources.

- Check how work is progressing in relation to planning.

- Create and delegate tasks to staff and receive confirmation that they have been completed.


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