Polycom OBi504 Voice Adapter


OBi504 Voice Adapter

Polycom OBi504 voice adapter (or commonly called the ATA) is the service provider’s ultimate legacy-phone-to-hosted-voice migration solution. Featuring 4 FXS ports, enable the Polycom OBi504 to carry your VoIP service to premises where multiple phone lines are needed. Polycom OBi504 also features a Gigabit Ethernet WAN and 3 LAN ports for routing or bridging other network devices, in addition to 3.5mm audio ports for music on-hold and paging capabilities.

Connect up to nine open SIP services

Polycom OBi504 allows you to bridge together calls from 9 SIP services, and 1 OBiTALK voice service. All 9 SIP services have highly configurable call routing rules for advanced telephony functions such as hunt groups, SIP trunking, hotlines, paging and more.

Unparallel reliability with cloud management

For a hosted voice service provider who places service reliability as first priority, let Polycom’s cloud-managed devices get you covered. With available native monitoring tools and device management APIs, allow the OBi504 carrying your voice service to actively report whenever a device loses registration or connection. It’s a service provider NOC’s dream come true!.

Zero-Touch Customization for ease of deployment

Born in the cloud, the OBi504 can automatically pre-load your configurations from the Polycom cloud during its first bootup, enabling a true zero-touch deployment. Available configuration customization to bootstrap network and provisioning parameters upon installation and day-2 deployment .

Full-featured VoIP

Simplify your VoIP experience with OBi504. Enjoy all of its features, including:

- Service-dependent fax support (includes T.38 support for high reliability).

- Caller ID.

- Telemarketer blocking.

- 3-way conference calling.

-Do not disturb.

- Blacklisting.

Technical Overview:

- Active internet connection.

- Analog touch-tone phone, fax machine or alarm panel.

- (Optional) Active internet phone service subscription with all required SIP credentials to make and receive calls.

- Internet (WAN): 1 x 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet port (802.3).

- Internet (LAN): 3 x 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port (802.3).

- Phone (FXS): 4 x RJ-11 FXS analog phone port.

- Phone (FXO): 1 x RJ-11 port for telco relay to Phone Port 1 only.

- USB: 3 x USB 2.0.

- Reset button: located on rear of case.

- LEDs: Power/Status, Ethernet Activity (WAN), Ethernet Activity (LAN), Phone 1-4.

- LED indications: Power On, Status, Upgrade in Progress Status, Packet RX/TX, Phone Port Status.


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