Polycom OBi200



To get started making calls using your analog phone on VoIP services, all you need is a phone, power and a connection to the Internet. Simply connect your analog phone and internet to the OBi200 and activate your device through the Polycom OBiTALK portal to start making and receiving calls in minutes. This dedicated device ensures you can clearly hear every important word in your phone conversations. Alternatively, the OBi200 also supports the T.38 fax standard for reliable facsimile calls over the Internet.

What makes Polycom OBi200 so great?

- Only VoIP adapters that support Google Voice communication services.

- Put your phone anywhere in your house with the only VoIP adapter that supports optional WiFi accessory.

- Connect up to 1 analog phone or fax machine to transition your voice communications to the digital world.

- Easily configure up to 4 VoIP services, including E911, in minutes through the Polycom OBiTALK portal.

Technical Overview:

- Active Internet Connection.

- Analog Touch Tone Phone.

- Access to Internet Via a Switched Ethernet Port on Home or Office Router.

- (Optional) Active Internet Phone Service Subscription with All Required SIP Credentials to Make & Receive Calls.

- Internet (WAN): 1 x 10/100BaseT Ethernet Port (802.3).

- Phone (FXS): 1 x RJ-11 FXS Analog Phone Port.

- USB: USB 2.0.

- Reset Button: Located on Bottom of Case.

- LEDs: Power/Status, Ethernet Activity (WAN), Phone.

- LED indications: Power On, Status, upgrade in Progress Status, Packet RX/TX, Phone Port Status.


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