Polycom CX5500 Unified Conference Station


CX5500 Unified Conference Station

This conference station delivers a 360-degree video camera experience, 1080p active speaker tracking with Skype for Business and can be used as a SIP conference phone.

Experience 1080p “around-the-table” video with Microsoft Skype for Business

The Polycom CX5500 Unified Conference Station delivers a unique HD voice and video collaboration experience in Skype for Business environments.

The CX5500 provides remote participants with 1080p HD active-speaker, video conferencing system that automatically tracks the flow of conversation. It also adds a unique 360-degree panoramic view of the conference room. Meetings are more productive and participants are clearly heard with Polycom’s legendary HD Voice technology, now featuring a dynamic audio range of 160Hz to 22,000Hz. The CX5500 can also be used to place voice-only calls as an IP conference system and phone.

- Reduce training costs with simple USB plug-and-play functionality that requires little or no training.

- Users connect a USB cable to their laptop and use the Skype for Business client they already know - no remote required.

- Lower support costs and realize a better ROI with increased room usage for collaboration and live video conferencing.

- No need to provision a second conference phone in the room—the CX5500 also doubles as an IP conference phone when not used for Skype for Business video calls.

Customers who do not need stand-alone SIP conference system and phone capability should consider the CX5100 (USB-only).

Technical Specifications:

- 360° HD1080p USB camera with active speaker detection.

- Active speaker and panoramic video conferencing stream output.

- 6m (20 foot) microphone pickup range.

- 160 Hz – 22kHz audio processing.

- SIP conference phone operation through Skype for Business or an IP PBX.

- Optimized for use with Skype for Business clients (PC and Mac).

- Add “around-the-table” video conferencing and VoIP calls to Office 365 Skype for Business Online.

- Backward compatible with Skype for Business 2013 and Skype for Business 2010 (720p).

Optional extension microphones are available. Customers who do not need stand-alone SIP conference phone capability or who wish to use in Office 365 environments may also consider the CX5100 (USB-only).


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