Polycom SoundStructure SR12


SoundStructure SR12

The Polycom SoundStructure SR12 is an ideal solution for reinforcing sound in a range of environments, including houses of worship, stadiums, conference centers, hotels, night clubs, and restaurants. It delivers powerful and flexible audio processing for any commercial sound application that does not require conferencing capabilities.

Polycom SoundStructure SR12 offers:

- Audio processing features, including feedback elimination, dynamics processing, and advanced equalization options.

- The same flexibility and ease of installation as the SoundStructure C-Series conferencing products.

- SoundStructure Studio software, which greatly simplifies the design and installation process.

- An OBAM link, making the SR12 easy to scale for large numbers of inputs and outputs.

Technical Specifications:

- Polycom OBAM architecture – which seamlessly connects multiple units to create larger systems without the limitations of traditional bussing.

- Breakthrough feedback elimination, enabling more flexible microphone, talker, and loudspeaker placements and speech reinforcement.

- Unrivaled noise cancellation technology, which removes the broadest range of background noises from your audio inputs.

- Gain sharing automatic microphone mixer, whose improved automixer experience ensures smoother transitions and robust performance in a variety of operating environments.

- Polycom SoundStructure Studio, which makes configuration easy and is powerful enough to handle the most challenging acoustic designs.


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