When investing in immersive solutions, you are looking for the best. An uncompromised experience, with stunning visuals, truly life-like audio, and interactive content collaboration that looks as good as being there. That’s why Polycom is the natural choice as the company that has been delivering innovative immersive solutions longer than anyone, with the most expertise at creating outstanding experiences that delight users. And with Polycom RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex, you can put Polycom’s unrivaled immersive conferencing experience in more places than ever before with the most flexible deployment options and unmatched interoperability.

Unrivaled immersive experience

- Video experiences unlike anything you’ve seen before - a dramatic leap forward from traditional video conferencing.

- Stunning video quality upscaled to 4k on super-thin bezel 65” displays, combined with advanced technology that is finely-tuned to deliver the industry’s best video experience.

- A true “across the table” experience that delights users, increasing adoption and utilization.

- See everyone clearly, even in large multi-point calls, with participants intelligently arranged for the best view of everyone.

- Audio experiences so rich and detailed that the slightest whisper can be heard.

- Polycom 3D Voice is a breakthrough audio experience unique to Polycom immersive telepresence that lets you distinguish exactly who is talking, even when multiple people are speaking, for lively interactive conversations.

- High-performance digital ceiling microphones capture everyone’s voice clearly and accurately while keeping out distracting background noises.

- Content isn’t just an afterthought – our solution is designed from the ground up for rich collaboration so that everyone can share and interact with content easily and naturally, with no compromises in quality, which dramatically improves productivity.

- Make content sharing front and center on any display so everyone can see clearly.

- 1080p60 content quality – share super hi-res, full motion content with rich detail and fluid motion for collaboration without compromise.

- Interact with content in real time with annotation and whiteboarding from your own laptop or mobile device.

Unmatched interoperability

- It’s critical that immersive solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing environment and workflows. Only Polycom ensures that your investment in immersive telepresence is a natural extension of your video environment, with unique enhancements for best-in-class experiences no matter who you’re connecting with.

- Fully standards-based to easily join calls with conference rooms, mobile and desktop users with no hoops to jump through.

- Skype for Business integration plus Polycom RealConnect makes immersive a natural extension of the experience with which users are already familiar.

- Easily connect to meetings with single-touch dial from the integrated calendar.

- See Gallery View participants in full size across all three displays.

- The entire room is seen by the far end so everyone is in view at all times.

- Presence and status support fits the Skype for Business workflow and indicates if the room is in use.

- TIP interoperability to work seamlessly in Cisco telepresence environments.

Surprisingly affordable

- RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex is surprisingly affordable, delivering the best immersive experience without breaking your budget or requiring customized rooms or expensive design work. With RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex you can select just what’s needed to fit with the rooms and furniture you already have in place.

- Purchase only the media wall and keep your own furniture for an experience designed around the room environment, table, and other components you already have in place.

- Add optional components that maximize video and audio quality for the best experience without requiring costly room design.

- Easily upgrade existing telepresence systems for a much better experience at an affordable price.

- Its small footprint doesn’t require customized or extra-large rooms so immersive experiences can be made available wherever they are needed.

- Get the most out of limited real estate, as the detached table can be used for any type of meeting, whether or not video is involved.

Technical Overview

- Video and content up to 1080p60 quality, for up to 50% less bandwidth with H.264 High Profile support.

- Quality protected by Polycom Lost Packet Recovery QoS technology that helps ensure great quality even amid network issues.

- Three 65” (165-cm) 4k UltraHD LCD displays, showing up to six participants in full size (two per display).

- 55” 1080p display for content. Users can move content to one or all of the 65” displays.

- Polycom 3D Voice uses advanced 3-channel processing to deliver highly accurate positional audio along with unrivaled clarity.

- RealPresence Touch delivers a simple and intuitive interface on a 10.1” display.

- Skype for Business integration, including presence and status, native video and audio protocols, and content receive.

- Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP) interoperability delivers connectivity to other immersive solutions, making it easier to deploy mixed environments and connect with customers and partners.

- AES software encryption for the voice, video and data streams of the call, keeping critical meetings confidential and secure.

- Your IT staff can manage RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex as easily as any other video device using Polycom RealPresence Clariti, which provides enterprise infrastructure for deploying and managing video and voice assets across your organization.

- Optional managed services, which are available for you to fully outsource the call initiation, monitoring and operations of the room for a hands-off, white-glove service.


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