Polycom ISDN Gateway


ISDN Gateway

With the Polycom ISDN Gateway you can use your Polycom RealPresence Group video conferencing system to make secure video calls over ISDN networks. You can connect more easily with customers, partners, or others inside or outside your organization over ISDN while benefitting from improved video, audio and content experiences with RealPresence Group Series.

The Polycom ISDN Gateway connects to your H.320 network while also creating a secure IP connection to the RealPresence Group system. This allows you to keep your RealPresence Group system connected to the IP network, avoiding the expense and hassle of bringing the H.320 connection right to the video system. Plus, it can be used by up to four RealPresence Group systems as a shared resource.

Your desire for security and outside connectivity doesn’t need to come at the expense of high performance and quality. With PRI support for calls up to 1920 kbps, you will benefit from full 1080p HD video and content for richer detail and added realism during video calls.

The Polycom ISDN Gateway offers flexibility to connect H.320 calls in several different ways, including PRI, Quad BRI and V.35. Power over Ethernet support simplifies wiring and cabling, and a detailed web-based administrator portal is available to configure the system, update software and more.

Technical Overview:

- Converts H.320 to H.323 in a way that is transparent to users.

- Supports up to four calls over a maximum of 8B (BRI) channels, and up to eight calls (video plus audio combined) over a maximum of 23B (T1) / 30B (E1) channels at up to 1080p30 resolution.

- Bandwidth: 4 BRI up to 512 kbps; 1 PRI up to 1920 kbps; external networks up to 1920 kbps.


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