Premium performance for huddle rooms everywhere

Poly Studio delivers best-in-class audio and video in an easy-to-use USB video bar. The features you need for a price you can afford.

Plug it in. Great ideas follow

- Put the days of frustrating video-conferencing experiences behind you. Reject lousy audio and video. Insist upon hearing and seeing everyone clearly. Give creativity free rein.

- Poly Studio makes it all possible. Simple USB connectivity keeps technology in the background and provides a business-class solution to small-room workers. Since Poly Studio is plug-n-play, you’ll be up and running fast.

The shortcut to better huddle-room collaboration

Big ideas can happen in small spaces. Poly Studio sets the stage. With its room-filling sound and pinpoint accurate microphones, it makes sure no flashes of brilliance are lost. Teams experience meetings as if everyone’s there in person. And noise-blocking features keep everybody focused on the same thing: doing great work.

Best In-class Audio

- Delivering the best audio quality in its class, Poly Studio lets teams on both ends of the call catch every word. You’ve never heard a USB video bar sound this good.

Dynamic Video Experience

- With group framing and automatic speaker tracking, the connection feels personal. And it’s built right in, no drivers or software is needed on the PC.

Simple to manage and deploy

- Easy to manage? You bet. The cloud-based management tools let IT push software updates and make settings changes without ever leaving their desk.


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