Leave No Ideas Behind

The G7500 puts content at the center of the video conferencing experience. There’s a single interface for content sharing and video calls. And anyone can share wirelessly from their own device, capturing content for later use.

Teams can share ideas and express themselves clearly in Ultra HD 4K. With detailed visuals and crisp audio, people feel like they’re together in the same room.

Content at the Center

- Easy wireless content sharing for every meeting, whether local content or in a video call.

- Anyone can share content without special apps or tools.

- Two content streams can be shared at once.

- Content annotation and digital whiteboarding make it easy to markup documents, make notes and save it all when done to avoid losing key points.

Rich Audio & Video

- Ultra HD delivers rich meeting experiences and new applications with super-high resolution.

- 4K video works flawlessly even in rooms with limited bandwidth.

- Noise Block and Acoustic Fence technology keep audio distraction, such as background noise and side conversations, at a minimum.

Deployment Friendly

- Integrates natively with Zoom without the need for additional computers in the conference room.

- Simplified control with the intuitive Poly TC8 interface (optional).

- The same interface is used for all types of meetings content-only, video or both and consistency helps build familiarity fast.


Right Click

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