Alcatel Teldat Transportation Routers


Teldat Transportation Routers

Purpose-built for the transportation industry, these routers for vehicles and trains offer connectivity on the move. Teldat vehicle-based routers are built to last, with power surge protection and vibration isolation. Management is easy, thanks to seamless integration with third party management tools and hotspot platforms. Dynamic configurations, redundancy options, link aggregation and advanced network security mechanisms mean excellent performance for passengers and drivers in connected vehicles - both road and rail.

Available Models

- H2-Automotive Teldat In-Vehicle Router: A rugged on-board communications platform for vehicles, with LTE and Wi-Fi. The H2-Automotive router is a ruggedized multi-service communications platform for vehicles that provides reliable 4G/LTE broadband and Wi-Fi communications on the move.

- H2-Automotive+ Teldat On-board Router for Vehicles: A high-performance rugged on-board communications platform equipping vehicles with 4G, LTE, LTE-A and Wi-Fi. The H2-Automotive+ is Teldat’s new ruggedized multi-service high-performance communications platform for vehicles, providing 4G/LTE/LTE-A broadband and Wi-Fi. The router has an extended operating temperature range and is both vibration- and dust-resistant.

- H2-Rail Communications Gateway for Railway: A multi-service communication platform for train-to-ground communications. The H2-Rail router is a multi-service communications platform for railway environments. It provides reliable 4G/LTE broadband and Wi-Fi communications with redundancy options, bandwidth aggregation and advanced network security mechanisms. The hardware design is compliant with railway regulations for installations on lightweight and high-speed trains or trams, is EN 50155 certified to meet vibration and emission requirements and offers an extended operating temperature range.


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