Alcatel OmniAccess Rugged Enterprise Service Router


OmniAccess Rugged Enterprise Service Router

Rugged broadband IP connectivity for vehicles, remote control networks and other industrial environments. Bring secure and reliable broadband IP connectivity to vehicles, SCADA telemetry and remote control networks with an Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess Rugged Enterprise Service Router (ESR). These highly intelligent industrial-grade routers are perfect for transportation, Smart Grid deployment, pipelines and other industrial environments. Thanks to the integrated Ethernet switch, OmniAccess Rugged ESRs are capable of serving a large number of intelligent electronic devices at the remote site without additional equipment.


- Run a multi-service communications platform in tough environments.

- Enjoy optimum performance and security among multiple services in different IP networks.

- Serve many intelligent electronic devices at remote sites without additional equipment.


- 4 or 6 port Ethernet switch (10/100M) (depending on model)

- Powered from batteries or industrial voltage ranges (depending on model)

- Use of advanced protocols such as VRF, VLANs, QoS and Policy Routing plus multiple WAN links enables logical separation of each service and management of different solutions sharing the communications

- Embedded GPS allows real time geo-positioning for fleet management or telemarketing applications

- WWAN+ proprietary optimization of network protocols for improved communication over cellular networks

- Wi-Fi (802.11n) for passengers (AP) or depots (Client). An 802.11n Wi-Fi module enables Wi-Fi services for passengers (with multiple SSIDs and integration with HotSpot platforms) and acts in client mode for connection to external Wi-Fi networks


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